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4 Tips to Overcome Fear When Starting Business

When building a business, certainly a lot of entrepreneurs who have a feeling of fear and anxiety will fail.

Some questions that come to myself like, whether the business started in the right way? What if no one is interested in the products or services I offer? Is the marketing done right? What if the business fails?

These questions may often come to mind and haunt the minds of upstarters who are afraid that the endeavor to be or is being carried out ends in the brink of failure.

Have you also been in such conditions? Fear of failure that is allowed to grow in the mind usually can actually worsen the performance and innovation when doing business. Therefore, as soon as possible should be minimized.

Then, what efforts can be done to reduce fear so as to prevent success should you deserve?

The Huffington Post page provides four tips to help overcome the fear for beginners who want to start doing business, along with their review:

1. Expand your Leisure Zone

Having a business is about taking risks. This may be one reason for entrepreneurs who are very diligent in fighting for their business. In this case they are usually so often who do business by extending the comfort zone, because they are aware that there is no guarantee for success.

Every day, you must be willing to take risks from the possibility of failure. Do not be afraid to start and look for ways to deal with failure, you also need to be aware that this is the effort that needs to be done to get ahead.

For example, Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google who was born in Moscow in Soviet times, came to America when he was only six years old.

Brin studied computer science to achieve his Ph.D. At Stanford University.

But he dropped out of college and tried to start a Google business. Now, Brin has a 16 percent stake in one of the world’s largest companies and oversees a special project on Google such as self-propelled cars and Google Glass.

Brin consciously though out of the comfort zone, but that’s precisely a risk that must be taken if you want to achieve success!

2. Keep a Positive Attitude

Have you ever stayed and thought about the failure and the outcome will be like? Thoughts like, “If my presentation is not accepted by the company and I will never be able to get another chance in this company how?”

The only thing that makes this negative attitude is creating unnecessary concerns to prepare for the worst outcome. As an entrepreneur, it is important to remain positive.

Before you go for a presentation or attend an important meeting, visualize the success you will experience as you pass through the entrance and can impress the people in the room.

Take a moment to consider the challenges or obstacles that may occur while you are there and list them. What could possibly happen? Then find out how you will conquer it if it happens.

3. Use Preparation to Overcome Your Fear

 To overcome fear in business, you need to reduce some of the risk of failure. Here are some ways to do this:

– Review all potential results. This will help you understand and deal with unknown fear. This will help you consider all the possibilities before you enter a potential situation.

– Consider the worst case scenario. In some cases, it may happen that you do not want to happen. But at least by preparing it, you realize that it may not be so bad, and it can help you in everything.

– Always prepare an emergency plan. Think about potential outcomes and what you can do if things do not go as you wish. Always have “Plan B, C or D” in the face of a problem.…

5 Mistakes That Make Online Business Loss

If you are someone who has ever tried an online business and experienced a failure such as a decrease in the sales rate, then there is an error in your business.

Such mistakes can be aspects of the business that are under-scrutiny and can make the brand unrecognized or the consumer interest diminished. Here are some common mistakes often made by online businesspeople:

1. Not adjusting bids with requests

Many run an online business without thinking about market demand, they sell goods that are not needed by people. Preferably, before building an online business, do market validation in 3 ways:

A. Measuring market demand

This can be done using the Google adwords keyword planner application by entering your product and location, with an instant, this app will give you information on the number of searchers for that product.

B. Predicting trends

Many products that are only temporary and so that sales can continue to be stable, you should be able to predict the pattern of demand. One way that can be done to measure trends is to use Google trends.

You just need to type the name of the product in the app, and Google trend will show a graph showing the demand for the product.

C. Measuring competition

The more competitors, the higher the demand for the product being sold, you should take advantage of this competition to find which products have a considerable quantity of sellers.

Take advantage of Google’s search facility by typing “Sell [product type]”. Pay close attention to online stores that sell similar products and what can be done to be superior to them.

2. Not responsible for the plan

If you have made a plan for your business, as much as possible obey the plan. Online business is one type of business that has a very tight level of competition.

In order not to be left behind by competitors, you must be able to comply with the plans that have been prepared, both about marketing plans, finance to sales.

3. Lazy organize social media administration

Lazy is a trait that should be avoided when doing business. Many online businesses actually have good prospects in the future but are hampered simply because they are rarely updated and their accounts are unkempt.

Creating a social media account for an online business is easy, but managing it requires an example.

Not that you can carelessly add content within your business account. You must provide clear and appropriate information to the products sold.

By continuing to provide the latest and informative content, customers will not get bored visiting your site.

4. Closed minded

In living a business, you must be able to keep up with developments. There’s always something new every day, if you’re closed-minded, you’ll just be left behind. Learn from anyone, anytime and how.

If the person has ever experienced a failure in opening an online business, you can learn from their mistakes. If the person is successful in running an online business, you can follow their business strategy.

Learning from multiple sources is one of the things that can help the development of business.

5. Not maintain the quality of service to consumers

The most important aspect in a business is the consumer, as the saying goes ‘the consumer is king’. By maintaining a good relationship with consumers, you are 1 step ahead of competitors.

Even if a transaction has been made, you can ask for opinions, suggestions and criticism from customers. Online business through social media is customer-centered and customer satisfaction, therefore, communication with customers is something to be maintained.

Do not give up easily. Online business and other businesses must be run with a strong determination and strong discipline. No business can succeed instantly, everything takes hard work and failure and rises.

Learn from the mistakes that have been made and immediately get up, slumped in failure for too long can damage the mental and reduce your motivation.…

Why You Never Succeed in Business? Maybe It’s the trigger

Seeing the success of a businessman to make some people inspired and become encouraged to follow the steps of success. One of the first things you can do to be successful is to start a business yourself.

After plunging into the business world, you must be wondering how to make your business achieve success? In addition to hard work there are several things that must be done as a supporter to achieve success. Here are 5 things you should do to succeed in your own business such as:

1. Love what you do

To make you feel happy in running your business then love all that you do. If you are halfhearted in doing something then the result will not be maximized as well. You are also not eager to try and do all the work with forced. But if you love your work, you will strive fully and the results will be maximized.

2. Innovation

Success not only comes from a good idea, but it also needs to be supported by innovations that make your business more advanced. You will face and experience problems in running a business, so you need to create a unique idea for your business to have a selling point.

3. Create a compact team

Collect or recruit people who have the same interests because then you will have a strong team. Having a compact team can make your business grow. Create a team of experienced, creative, committed people and never give up with it You will form a solid team.

4. The most important customer satisfaction

If there is no buyer, the business will not operate and have many buyers means the service must also be added. There is a term that the buyer is king. If your customers are satisfied then your business will be successful because you will earn a lot of income.

5. Learn from mistakes

Mistakes can not be avoided while you work. Surely you will make a mistake whether it’s a small or big mistake. In running a business you have a lot to learn from everything and learning from mistakes is one that helps your business get better.

Never be afraid to run a business on your own. With the right strategy then all can be solved well.…

6 Practical Tips Prepare a Trip for Business

Business trips are fun. The reason, on the sidelines of empty time, you can get a chance to travel, visit the sights or just shopping at a famous shopping center.

Business travel is now commonplace. Breakfast in Jakarta, lunch in Surabaya, until dinner had already flown to Singapore by plane. It is not impossible in one day to be in two different countries for business.

However, that does not mean the business trip is entirely enjoyable. For the first time running a business trip routine there are some tips that need to be known in order to adapt to the life of the move from one place to another.

1. Create a default list

Do not always rely on personal items such as toiletries. Not all hotels provide the personal items you need. Although it looks trivial, it is very important to maintain personal health by bringing toiletries that can be used everyday.

Make sure all these small items are not left behind. In order for all goods to be brought complete, make a list of luggage. Usually for men, making a list like this is something that is often missed. Though the success of a business trip is also determined with a sense of calm because no items are left behind.

2. Select cabin baggage

Use a travel bag that is allowed into the cabin so that no need to bother to keep it in the trunk of the plane. The size of the suitcase or bag allowed to enter the aircraft cabin is not more than 56cm x 36cm x 23 cm.

Passengers may carry two bags into the cabin of the aircraft. One bag to store valuables and other bags to store clothes to other personal needs. Make sure both can be brought into the cabin plane. In addition to saving time, you also do not have to wait bags when arriving at the airport destination.

3. Prepare all identities before checking in

Identity such as ID card and ticket reservation number must be prepared before checking in. Just before going through X-ray, you will also be required to release all metal items.

Use a small bag to store items to be re-used after X-ray examination such as watches, belts, cell phones and wallets. Do not, you just tidied up the item just before going into X-ray examination. In addition to making long queues, there is also the risk of valuable items falling or stuck during inspection.

4. Bring a pillow to travel

For business people who have high flying hours, travel by plane can be used as a break. There is no harm in preparing a special cushion traveling. Even now there is a travel cushion that can be blown like a buoy. When not in use, travel cushions can be deflated and put in bags without having to add more space.

5. Follow the travel program

Many travel programs provided by airlines to several hotels where to stay. By accumulating points, you can get discounted airline tickets even free plane tickets from the accumulated points collected.

6. Install Flight ticket reservation application

For those of you who have high mobility, plane ticket reservations will certainly become easier by using the application. You can download it on Google Play for Android users or App Store for iOS users. Do not worry can not download, because by using instant messenger application of BlackBerry Messenger even you can make flight reservation via BBM Travel without having to download other application.…

5 Successful Business Success Tips by Time

The term entrepreneur is rising. Various seminars, books, and suggestions put the entrepreneur as a cool profession. Especially if seasoned with the word young or successful.

Actually entrepreneurs have been there since the first. But first known by the term self-employed. Both entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs actually have the same secret of success. Here are some business success tips that are timeless.

1. Learn the competitors

As an entrepreneur, you must know who your business competitors are. What are their products, how are sales strategies, and what are the advantages of the product. This knowledge makes you superior to competitors. One of them by exploiting the weakness of competitors.

2. Always have innovation

As your business grows, you need to be more diligent in seeking inspiration for product innovation. There may be applications that can make product sales more rapidly. Or there is a service that makes your product distribution wider. Do not be lazy to find out.

3. Understand the desire of the market

His name is also selling, you must understand what the market wants. Idealist in business may be, even more great if you can create your own market. But of course, the idealism must be balanced with listening to the wishes of potential customers.

4. Listen to consumer complaints and adapt

The sustainability of a business depends on sales. This means you need to be responsive to the consumer if you do not want to lose sales. Not just a response to a complaint, but also an input.

Suppose you produce a leather handmade bag. So far you only produce the type of tote bag. Apparently some consumers feel less like the size of a large tote bag, especially petite consumers. You can make a small survey before issuing a new size.

5. Respond to change

The business world is very dynamic. Therefore an entrepreneur must accept change and adapt as quickly as possible. There have been many instances when businesses went bankrupt because they can not adapt to the times. Many new businesses were founded one year ago but could change the world in the next year.

One of the keys to not miss is digital literacy. Feel free to hire people who know more about digital for the betterment of your business.…

5 Tricks the Merchant Hates


There is a presumption in the trade, which takes the goods with the capital as cheaply and sell it back at a price as expensive. Is there anything wrong with this?

Of course not because the name of buying and selling is dependent on the agreement. Just how a trader maintains the quality of his products and complies with the generally unlabelled code of the world trading ethics.

Unfortunately not all traders do the transaction with the right track. There are a lot of tricks or trading strategies that are less wearing and not preferred by the buyer. Even among them is considered quite detrimental to consumers who do not have extensive knowledge about a product.

Then what are the tricks that buyers do not like? Here’s more reviews

1. Items sold are not suitable

Items purchased do not fit the conditions, of course is a loss for the buyer. Though the seller said goods in accordance with what is ordered.

Generally can be a mistake or intentional to spend on old merchandise stock. However, such a strategy is not necessary.

2. Give less precise information

Tricks of this kind of trade have led to lies. A good trader will certainly provide precise and accurate information, not exaggerating and not reducing. Perhaps giving this kind of information does make prospective buyers eventually forced to take the items you recommend.

For example a camera merchant says that a camera A has effective pixels of up to 20 MP, that’s better picture quality than a B camera that’s only 15 MP. Though camera B has a larger physical sensor so the image quality is better.

The information provided by traders is misleading because the quality of the image is dependent on the physical sensor rather than effective pixel. This trick takes advantage of consumer ignorance.

3. Add order without request

Adding goods orders unilaterally or without approval, is it a good trading strategy? Certainly not, even more like imposing.

An example is when you buy a camera, but it turns out traders have included a package of one camera with other accessories such as UV filters and bags.

Though not all buyers need it, but what power is all total in the note bon and you are embarrassed if not pay it. If offering additional goods should confirm first with the consumer, not by coercion like that.

The cheating trick above is certainly not favored by the buyer and it is even more detrimental to you. Your store or merchandise will be known as a cheat merchant.

4. Price hardening

Have you ever heard about the horrendous news where there are diners diners in coastal tourism area anyer who presented a note of payment with fantastic payment.

Whereas ordered only a few seafood, vegetables and drinks, but a total of one million must be paid. Log in that price? Is not not sinful to praise the product as expensive as the merchant wants?

Do not sin, but you will lose reputation and more defame yourself. Somehow there are still many traders who like to blackmail buyers with unnatural prices.

For example is as above, ie a food stall in a tourist place, or a store that still has a stock of certain goods where in other stores have no stock.

You might win and gain a lot with this kind of trading trick, but be careful of future risks.

5. Replace with another product

Some people often complain that there is a cheating merchant, which is to give another product without the buyer’s consent. For example you order one beef steak with a cheese topping.

But when the cheese stock is gone, you are made a beef steak with mushroom topping without notice.

This may be done so that buyers still pay the order as ordered early. Though not all buyers like topping mushrooms. Or maybe when you have to replace the piston motorcycle with the brand A, but the workshop instead using a product piston brand B.…

7 Tricks in Managing Money When Doing Business

Every business that runs certainly requires good financial management and wisdom to be able to grow into large. In addition, good financial arrangements can certainly help your business get big profits.

But there are still many entrepreneurs who do not know how to manage good finances for the business that is run.

Here are some ways to manage the wise business finances that can be learned to manage business finances such as:

1. Knowing the Types of Business Expenditures

In a business, of course, a lot of expenses that will be encountered later. As an entrepreneur, surely you must know clearly what your business needs and wants.

There are at least five types of business expenses to keep in mind:

A. Urgent business expenditures and have important needs, such as primary needs such as raw materials, business premises, employee salaries, and other expense costs that can support the production of the business undertaken. This need is vital as it relates to your business activity. Surely this need must take precedence over others.

B. Urgent but less important expenditure, this need is like an additional capital. Although it has a good purpose, but when business conditions have not stabilized it would be better to avoid such expenditure.

C. Expenditure is important but not urgent, it is like an insurance program. Although important, but your business is not really need it. So it would be better if the money is used for important interests first.

2. Separating Private Money and Money

The important thing to do is to separate between personal accounts and business accounts. This is important for your money to be used as it should be. There are many entrepreneurs who can not separate private money from business money.

You can solve it by creating two accounts that are intended for business and personal. By separating personal money and business money, surely you can better measure the business development that is run.

3. Make a Financial Note

Try to make a financial note from cash to cash out. With this financial record can help to know the financial condition and can make you anticipate the occurrence of minus on business finance. In addition, you can also include the value of losses and profits that the business has.

4. Separate Between Accounting With Cashier

Although finance is held by the cashier, but at least do not tell the cashier to make a financial statement. It is a big risk to create manipulation that is certainly detrimental to your business.

For it would be better if you separate the accounting with the cashier to avoid the manipulation of financial statements.

5. Avoid Money Staying at Employees

Avoid the money condition of your business stay at the employee. This is certainly a big risk money is used for personal purposes.

Check Stock Goods

6. Routine Doing Stock Check Goods

Do a regular check of stock of your goods to know the condition of incoming and outgoing goods. Then match the condition of the real goods with your notes so that there will be no difference between them.

7. Do not Forget Investment or Saving

Investment and saving certainly need to start thinking by business people. But of course this can be done when all the essential needs have been fulfilled.

You can set aside some parts of the profits to use investments or savings that will help the business development run.

Manage Finance With Wisdom To Smooth Business Business

The key to success of any business that is run is if the business is able to manage its business finances wisely. With proper financial management will certainly make the business wheels continue to spin so that the profits will be maximized.

Take care every time you take action in your business, first think about the advantages and disadvantages gained before doing the action.…