4 Tips to Overcome Fear When Starting Business

When building a business, certainly a lot of entrepreneurs who have a feeling of fear and anxiety will fail.

Some questions that come to myself like, whether the business started in the right way? What if no one is interested in the products or services I offer? Is the marketing done right? What if the business fails?

These questions may often come to mind and haunt the minds of upstarters who are afraid that the endeavor to be or is being carried out ends in the brink of failure.

Have you also been in such conditions? Fear of failure that is allowed to grow in the mind usually can actually worsen the performance and innovation when doing business. Therefore, as soon as possible should be minimized.

Then, what efforts can be done to reduce fear so as to prevent success should you deserve?

The Huffington Post page provides four tips to help overcome the fear for beginners who want to start doing business, along with their review:

1. Expand your Leisure Zone

Having a business is about taking risks. This may be one reason for entrepreneurs who are very diligent in fighting for their business. In this case they are usually so often who do business by extending the comfort zone, because they are aware that there is no guarantee for success.

Every day, you must be willing to take risks from the possibility of failure. Do not be afraid to start and look for ways to deal with failure, you also need to be aware that this is the effort that needs to be done to get ahead.

For example, Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google who was born in Moscow in Soviet times, came to America when he was only six years old.

Brin studied computer science to achieve his Ph.D. At Stanford University.

But he dropped out of college and tried to start a Google business. Now, Brin has a 16 percent stake in one of the world’s largest companies and oversees a special project on Google such as self-propelled cars and Google Glass.

Brin consciously though out of the comfort zone, but that’s precisely a risk that must be taken if you want to achieve success!

2. Keep a Positive Attitude

Have you ever stayed and thought about the failure and the outcome will be like? Thoughts like, “If my presentation is not accepted by the company and I will never be able to get another chance in this company how?”

The only thing that makes this negative attitude is creating unnecessary concerns to prepare for the worst outcome. As an entrepreneur, it is important to remain positive.

Before you go for a presentation or attend an important meeting, visualize the success you will experience as you pass through the entrance and can impress the people in the room.

Take a moment to consider the challenges or obstacles that may occur while you are there and list them. What could possibly happen? Then find out how you will conquer it if it happens.

3. Use Preparation to Overcome Your Fear

 To overcome fear in business, you need to reduce some of the risk of failure. Here are some ways to do this:

– Review all potential results. This will help you understand and deal with unknown fear. This will help you consider all the possibilities before you enter a potential situation.

– Consider the worst case scenario. In some cases, it may happen that you do not want to happen. But at least by preparing it, you realize that it may not be so bad, and it can help you in everything.

– Always prepare an emergency plan. Think about potential outcomes and what you can do if things do not go as you wish. Always have “Plan B, C or D” in the face of a problem.