5 Thoughtful Additions For Easter Hampers

Easter is around the corner, and all through the stores, eggs and chocolate abound. All this sugar is apt to go straight to the stomach and increase all kinds of craziness from all the kids! Easter baskets also known as Easter hampers are being assembled away from prying eyes of children.

Typical Gifts

Typically, gifts around Easter involve a load of chocolate, eggs, and all things sugar. Most of these things are adorably decorated with chicks and rabbits, and some have both decorations. As adorable and yummy these things are, it can really cause a sugar high that parents regret following the massive consumption of all of these goodies.

So, what is a parent or a loved one to do? Kids love to receive presents, and adults, provided they have the means, typically love to give presents. One thing to do is to give a hamper filled with unique gifts.

Non-sugary Gifts

There are many options that can be added to the Easter gift baskets to decrease the sugar high. Here are some different ideas.

  • Story Books. These can be religious books or just fun books with bunny or chick themes. For the older reader it may include a chapter book, or for the younger reader, a simple board book.
  • Coloring books and pencils or crayons. These help to inspire some creativity and give parents a break from super close supervision of their little ones. Of course, if it is truly a little one, any and all writing and coloring implements need to be closely monitored, otherwise beautiful wall murals may be drawn!
  • Craft Sets. These may include key chain craft assembly sets, personalizing bracelets, and potentially necklaces. If planned well, this could bode well for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day in the following months!
  • Small bags of non-sugary snacks, such as chips, or crackers and such. Not everyone has a sweet tooth, therefore, savory treats will be surely be greatly appreciated.
  • For the older child, something more in line with their interests such as lip balms or lovely smelling lotions.

Of course, these lovely ideas are not limited to children. Any loved one would likely appreciate a thoughtful gift, Easter or any other holiday!