6 Practical Tips Prepare a Trip for Business

Business trips are fun. The reason, on the sidelines of empty time, you can get a chance to travel, visit the sights or just shopping at a famous shopping center.

Business travel is now commonplace. Breakfast in Jakarta, lunch in Surabaya, until dinner had already flown to Singapore by plane. It is not impossible in one day to be in two different countries for business.

However, that does not mean the business trip is entirely enjoyable. For the first time running a business trip routine there are some tips that need to be known in order to adapt to the life of the move from one place to another.

1. Create a default list

Do not always rely on personal items such as toiletries. Not all hotels provide the personal items you need. Although it looks trivial, it is very important to maintain personal health by bringing toiletries that can be used everyday.

Make sure all these small items are not left behind. In order for all goods to be brought complete, make a list of luggage. Usually for men, making a list like this is something that is often missed. Though the success of a business trip is also determined with a sense of calm because no items are left behind.

2. Select cabin baggage

Use a travel bag that is allowed into the cabin so that no need to bother to keep it in the trunk of the plane. The size of the suitcase or bag allowed to enter the aircraft cabin is not more than 56cm x 36cm x 23 cm.

Passengers may carry two bags into the cabin of the aircraft. One bag to store valuables and other bags to store clothes to other personal needs. Make sure both can be brought into the cabin plane. In addition to saving time, you also do not have to wait bags when arriving at the airport destination.

3. Prepare all identities before checking in

Identity such as ID card and ticket reservation number must be prepared before checking in. Just before going through X-ray, you will also be required to release all metal items.

Use a small bag to store items to be re-used after X-ray examination such as watches, belts, cell phones and wallets. Do not, you just tidied up the item just before going into X-ray examination. In addition to making long queues, there is also the risk of valuable items falling or stuck during inspection.

4. Bring a pillow to travel

For business people who have high flying hours, travel by plane can be used as a break. There is no harm in preparing a special cushion traveling. Even now there is a travel cushion that can be blown like a buoy. When not in use, travel cushions can be deflated and put in bags without having to add more space.

5. Follow the travel program

Many travel programs provided by airlines to several hotels where to stay. By accumulating points, you can get discounted airline tickets even free plane tickets from the accumulated points collected.

6. Install Flight ticket reservation application

For those of you who have high mobility, plane ticket reservations will certainly become easier by using the reservation.com application. You can download it on Google Play for Android users or App Store for iOS users. Do not worry can not download, because by using instant messenger application of BlackBerry Messenger even you can make flight reservation via BBM Travel without having to download other application.