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Blenders are appliances that have been used for ages especially in culinary. Blenders can be used in everyday life at homes in the kitchen and also professionally. Having a blender at home makes your kitchen work more easy as it reduces the time which could be used when breaking the items or even smoothing them. To make this possible in your kitchen you need a machine that will crush ice and make soft items like fruits and vegetables. The crushing process is made possible when you use a good blade. However, blenders come in models and you can choose the one that will suit you according to what you are using it for. Blenders that are used in places like hotels, have different blades. The blender has shaft at the its center and it contains several blades at diverse heights to increase the power to chop and mix in the blender. This type of blender can crush ice and as well puree fruits and vegetables at a good speed. It also has a capacity to hold more than compared to other blenders.

However, if you are looking for the best quality, Vitamix has the best, and you can choose from their varieties. Most of the clientele are from the hotel industries across the globe. They have adaptable, incredible and dependable machines to be produced ever. There series varies from G- series, C- series, classic and Exploration series. A part of the G-Serie sand C-Series, which seem to have the same features, the rest have different and perfume different duties. To make it easy for you to choose the best series, you need to know what you need the machine for. As they are designed differently, controlled differently and use different power and performance abilities. Vitamix have come up with 5300 model which is new in the market and has a better capability than previous models. The new model 5300 is selling more than the previous models because of the new features in it . 5300 belongs to a C-Series class, and it is as well-known as Costco Vitamix. The blender base and jar container is made of the last two generations of blenders and has a unique design. The 5300 blender is easy to control as it is operated in the same way as the previous two generations. It has a container which can accommodate batches for the whole family with no additional bunch on it. This blender can occupy a little kitchen space and cabinet also. It comes with an affordable price compared to how it is used, and at the same time it is durable enough to serve you the longest time. The model has a unique additional recipe that accompanies the desired characteristics of the cooking done.

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