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Summary Art Portray Wallpapers Background Ideas Photographs Black and White Work for Youngsters Kandinsky. Take a deep breath and let go of the desire to align every brushstroke to a symbolic meaning, every coloration to an aspect of the artist’s biography. From vivid coloured brush strokes to lush details and metallic leaf designs, the choices are countless for an anchor piece.

During the 4 or five years preceding World Conflict I , such artists as Robert Delaunay , Wassily Kandinsky , Kazimir Malevich , and Vladimir Tatlin turned to basically abstract art. At the Bauhaus faculty in Weimar and Dessau, he developed color charts that were based on the theories of Wolfgang von Goethe, who had studied our perception of color and its psychological impact.

Albers and Moholy-Nagy: from the Bauhaus to the New World pas exhibition at Tate Modern. At exhibitions, The Blue Rider art collective was spit on and insulted. Abstract artwork is artwork that doesn’t try to signify an correct depiction of a visible actuality but instead use shapes, colours, kinds and gestural marks to attain its impact.

Of their seek for purity artists were obliged to abstract from ‘natural forms’ in which the plastic elements have been hidden, with the intention to eradicate pure types and to exchange them with ‘inventive forms’. Dabs of color needed to stand for real issues; it was an abstraction of a guitar or of a hillside.

Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematist Construction” (1916), Piet Mondrian’s gridded Composition with Crimson, Blue, and Yellow” (1930), and Joan Miro’s biomorphic The Kiss” (1924) show three different approaches to geometric abstraction. I enjoy enjoying with and rearranging colors, strains and shapes to create pictures that I wish to look at. I would like my work to be surprising, playful and provocative.