Abstract Painting

Watch brief videos for detailed views of Gerhard Richter’s artworks. For these causes I take into account it important to distinguish between aware and immanent processes inside painting, to distinguish everything else from what isgoing on in the background, and to acknowledge the distant source of unconscious, or some other sensation fromabove, or below.

A short list of the many completely different summary art styles/actions include: minimalism, abstract expressionism, aboriginal art, non-objective, neo-plasticism, shade subject, lyrical abstraction, submit-painterly abstraction, Russian Constructivism, geometric abstraction, and action painting.

Van Doesburg subsequently adopted the view that the spiritual in man is nurtured particularly by abstract art, which he later described as ‘pure thought, which doesn’t signify an idea derived from pure phenomena but which is contained in numbers, measures, relationships, and abstract strains’.

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A sq. (impartial, shapeless) canvas, five feet broad, five ft excessive, as excessive as a man, as wide as a person’s outstretched arms (not giant, not small, sizeless), trisected (no composition), one horizontal type negating one vertical form (formless, no high, no backside, directionless), three (more or less) dark (lightless) no-contrasting (colorless) colors, brushwork brushed out to remove brushwork, a matte, flat, free-hand, painted surface (glossless, textureless, non-linear, no onerous-edge, no soft edge) which does not mirror its environment—a pure, abstract, non-goal, timeless, spaceless, changeless, relationless, disinterested painting—an object that is self-acutely aware (no unconsciousness) splendid, transcendent, aware of no thing however art (completely no anti-artwork).