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5 Tricks the Merchant Hates


There is a presumption in the trade, which takes the goods with the capital as cheaply and sell it back at a price as expensive. Is there anything wrong with this?

Of course not because the name of buying and selling is dependent on the agreement. Just how a trader maintains the quality of his products and complies with the generally unlabelled code of the world trading ethics.

Unfortunately not all traders do the transaction with the right track. There are a lot of tricks or trading strategies that are less wearing and not preferred by the buyer. Even among them is considered quite detrimental to consumers who do not have extensive knowledge about a product.

Then what are the tricks that buyers do not like? Here’s more reviews

1. Items sold are not suitable

Items purchased do not fit the conditions, of course is a loss for the buyer. Though the seller said goods in accordance with what is ordered.

Generally can be a mistake or intentional to spend on old merchandise stock. However, such a strategy is not necessary.

2. Give less precise information

Tricks of this kind of trade have led to lies. A good trader will certainly provide precise and accurate information, not exaggerating and not reducing. Perhaps giving this kind of information does make prospective buyers eventually forced to take the items you recommend.

For example a camera merchant says that a camera A has effective pixels of up to 20 MP, that’s better picture quality than a B camera that’s only 15 MP. Though camera B has a larger physical sensor so the image quality is better.

The information provided by traders is misleading because the quality of the image is dependent on the physical sensor rather than effective pixel. This trick takes advantage of consumer ignorance.

3. Add order without request

Adding goods orders unilaterally or without approval, is it a good trading strategy? Certainly not, even more like imposing.

An example is when you buy a camera, but it turns out traders have included a package of one camera with other accessories such as UV filters and bags.

Though not all buyers need it, but what power is all total in the note bon and you are embarrassed if not pay it. If offering additional goods should confirm first with the consumer, not by coercion like that.

The cheating trick above is certainly not favored by the buyer and it is even more detrimental to you. Your store or merchandise will be known as a cheat merchant.

4. Price hardening

Have you ever heard about the horrendous news where there are diners diners in coastal tourism area anyer who presented a note of payment with fantastic payment.

Whereas ordered only a few seafood, vegetables and drinks, but a total of one million must be paid. Log in that price? Is not not sinful to praise the product as expensive as the merchant wants?

Do not sin, but you will lose reputation and more defame yourself. Somehow there are still many traders who like to blackmail buyers with unnatural prices.

For example is as above, ie a food stall in a tourist place, or a store that still has a stock of certain goods where in other stores have no stock.

You might win and gain a lot with this kind of trading trick, but be careful of future risks.

5. Replace with another product

Some people often complain that there is a cheating merchant, which is to give another product without the buyer’s consent. For example you order one beef steak with a cheese topping.

But when the cheese stock is gone, you are made a beef steak with mushroom topping without notice.

This may be done so that buyers still pay the order as ordered early. Though not all buyers like topping mushrooms. Or maybe when you have to replace the piston motorcycle with the brand A, but the workshop instead using a product piston brand B.…