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5 Mistakes That Make Online Business Loss

If you are someone who has ever tried an online business and experienced a failure such as a decrease in the sales rate, then there is an error in your business.

Such mistakes can be aspects of the business that are under-scrutiny and can make the brand unrecognized or the consumer interest diminished. Here are some common mistakes often made by online businesspeople:

1. Not adjusting bids with requests

Many run an online business without thinking about market demand, they sell goods that are not needed by people. Preferably, before building an online business, do market validation in 3 ways:

A. Measuring market demand

This can be done using the Google adwords keyword planner application by entering your product and location, with an instant, this app will give you information on the number of searchers for that product.

B. Predicting trends

Many products that are only temporary and so that sales can continue to be stable, you should be able to predict the pattern of demand. One way that can be done to measure trends is to use Google trends.

You just need to type the name of the product in the app, and Google trend will show a graph showing the demand for the product.

C. Measuring competition

The more competitors, the higher the demand for the product being sold, you should take advantage of this competition to find which products have a considerable quantity of sellers.

Take advantage of Google’s search facility by typing “Sell [product type]”. Pay close attention to online stores that sell similar products and what can be done to be superior to them.

2. Not responsible for the plan

If you have made a plan for your business, as much as possible obey the plan. Online business is one type of business that has a very tight level of competition.

In order not to be left behind by competitors, you must be able to comply with the plans that have been prepared, both about marketing plans, finance to sales.

3. Lazy organize social media administration

Lazy is a trait that should be avoided when doing business. Many online businesses actually have good prospects in the future but are hampered simply because they are rarely updated and their accounts are unkempt.

Creating a social media account for an online business is easy, but managing it requires an example.

Not that you can carelessly add content within your business account. You must provide clear and appropriate information to the products sold.

By continuing to provide the latest and informative content, customers will not get bored visiting your site.

4. Closed minded

In living a business, you must be able to keep up with developments. There’s always something new every day, if you’re closed-minded, you’ll just be left behind. Learn from anyone, anytime and how.

If the person has ever experienced a failure in opening an online business, you can learn from their mistakes. If the person is successful in running an online business, you can follow their business strategy.

Learning from multiple sources is one of the things that can help the development of business.

5. Not maintain the quality of service to consumers

The most important aspect in a business is the consumer, as the saying goes ‘the consumer is king’. By maintaining a good relationship with consumers, you are 1 step ahead of competitors.

Even if a transaction has been made, you can ask for opinions, suggestions and criticism from customers. Online business through social media is customer-centered and customer satisfaction, therefore, communication with customers is something to be maintained.

Do not give up easily. Online business and other businesses must be run with a strong determination and strong discipline. No business can succeed instantly, everything takes hard work and failure and rises.

Learn from the mistakes that have been made and immediately get up, slumped in failure for too long can damage the mental and reduce your motivation.…

6 Practical Tips Prepare a Trip for Business

Business trips are fun. The reason, on the sidelines of empty time, you can get a chance to travel, visit the sights or just shopping at a famous shopping center.

Business travel is now commonplace. Breakfast in Jakarta, lunch in Surabaya, until dinner had already flown to Singapore by plane. It is not impossible in one day to be in two different countries for business.

However, that does not mean the business trip is entirely enjoyable. For the first time running a business trip routine there are some tips that need to be known in order to adapt to the life of the move from one place to another.

1. Create a default list

Do not always rely on personal items such as toiletries. Not all hotels provide the personal items you need. Although it looks trivial, it is very important to maintain personal health by bringing toiletries that can be used everyday.

Make sure all these small items are not left behind. In order for all goods to be brought complete, make a list of luggage. Usually for men, making a list like this is something that is often missed. Though the success of a business trip is also determined with a sense of calm because no items are left behind.

2. Select cabin baggage

Use a travel bag that is allowed into the cabin so that no need to bother to keep it in the trunk of the plane. The size of the suitcase or bag allowed to enter the aircraft cabin is not more than 56cm x 36cm x 23 cm.

Passengers may carry two bags into the cabin of the aircraft. One bag to store valuables and other bags to store clothes to other personal needs. Make sure both can be brought into the cabin plane. In addition to saving time, you also do not have to wait bags when arriving at the airport destination.

3. Prepare all identities before checking in

Identity such as ID card and ticket reservation number must be prepared before checking in. Just before going through X-ray, you will also be required to release all metal items.

Use a small bag to store items to be re-used after X-ray examination such as watches, belts, cell phones and wallets. Do not, you just tidied up the item just before going into X-ray examination. In addition to making long queues, there is also the risk of valuable items falling or stuck during inspection.

4. Bring a pillow to travel

For business people who have high flying hours, travel by plane can be used as a break. There is no harm in preparing a special cushion traveling. Even now there is a travel cushion that can be blown like a buoy. When not in use, travel cushions can be deflated and put in bags without having to add more space.

5. Follow the travel program

Many travel programs provided by airlines to several hotels where to stay. By accumulating points, you can get discounted airline tickets even free plane tickets from the accumulated points collected.

6. Install Flight ticket reservation application

For those of you who have high mobility, plane ticket reservations will certainly become easier by using the application. You can download it on Google Play for Android users or App Store for iOS users. Do not worry can not download, because by using instant messenger application of BlackBerry Messenger even you can make flight reservation via BBM Travel without having to download other application.…