Effective way of culinary business

Business competition is even tighter. Promoting is indeed the most telling way for our cafe or restaurant business to be known and many customers who visit. Opening a diner or restaurant or restaurant becomes an excellent business choice, because everyone needs to eat, so it’s a lasting or evergreen business. However, because the nature of merchandise in restaurants that are not durable, the restaurant owner must be smart to make promotions in the early opening of his restaurant. If not, get ready to swell and swallow capital losses. Then, how the hell is an effective way of Promotion for a restaurant. Some of the following tips may be tried:

  1. Do a soft launch with creative.
    How can invite friends, relatives, and if possible public figure. Give the uniqueness that makes people want to come to your restaurant with a unique name or unique menu that makes you curious. Do creative things, such as making a superhero outfit and wearing it on your marketer’s team, then at a red light While sharing a cool brochure.
  2. Take advantage of social media.
    We must have realized that fan page facebook and twitter is very powerful to be used for promotion. You can also use you tube or blog to introduce your restaurant to audiences. Diligent-diligent upload the pictures of food there and give the impression of the deliciousness of the image set.
  3. Give interesting programs for your customers.
    This is often called loyalty program. For example with certain purchases, then there are special gifts or discounts. Or give personal attention to your customers, such as a discount according to the age in the ID card.
  4. An interesting sell-sell strategy.
    Fishing with the attractive price of a product to lure customers to buy the product plus other up-selling products.
  5. Cooperation with the community.
    Provide space, facilities and special discounts for specific Society. For example of soccer fan clubs, certain profession communities, automotive communities etc.
  1. Email and mobile marketing
    Ask for email address or buyer’s mobile number if any, with this you can provide latest updates about your restaurant at any time to the buyer. But do not forget to ask the buyers if they are willing to be contacted via email or message if there is promotion in your restaurant. Because there are also buyers who often feel annoyed to receive such promotions. It is feared that buyers will run away if we force this way on them.
  2. Blogs and videos
    Create a blog about your restaurant through free blogs like word press or blogger. With this restaurant you can be known by the wider community. If possible create a video about your restaurant and upload it on social networks like facebook and you tube. So that buyers feel interested to come to your business.
  3. Promotional stickers in places to wait
    Small stickers about our restaurant can be made and posted in public places, especially places where many people wait and queue like toilets, bus stops and public transportation. Or you can also give a free car sticker in the parking lot that bears the name and photo of the food provided in your restaurant.
  4. Make sure your cuisine tasty and fitting On the tongue customers.
    This is precisely what matters. Product quality. Good promotions are going to attract a lot of customers, will create loyal customers and the longer the larger. This will provoke testimonials and power worth of mouth or promotion from mouth to mouth (actually hell from mouth to ear.