Fashionable Art

Whereas works by dwelling artists have always been collected by the MFA – Winslow Homer, Claude Monet, and John Singer Sargent have been up to date artists when some of their work have been acquired – the Department of Contemporary Artwork was only established formally in the Museum’s centennial yr, 1971. He continued to make main work, sculptures, and sketches of masks-faced figures composed of fragmented geometric volumes throughout the Cubist period, including Bust of a Man ( 1996.403.5 ), from 1908, Lady’s Head ( 1996.403.6 ), from 1909, and the 1909-10 Girl in an Armchair ( 1997.149.7 ).

An eclectic assortment of indian contemporary artwork work in numerous mediums similar to oil work, acrylic work, watercolor work and mixed media work in several styles together with but not restricted to summary paintings, landscape work and figurative paintings type a part of our collection.

While artworks from Oceania and the Americas additionally drew attention, especially through the 1930s Surrealist movement, the curiosity in non-Western artwork by many of the most influential early modernists and their followers centered on the sculpture of sub-Saharan Africa For a lot of the 20 th century, this curiosity was typically described as Primitivism, a time period denoting a perspective on non-Western cultures that is now seen as problematic.

Modernist artists have been drawn to African sculpture due to its refined approach to the abstraction of the human figure, shown, for example, by a sculpted head from a Fang reliquary ensemble ( 1979.206.229 ), and a reliquary by an Ambete artist ( 2002.456.17 ). The provenance of the Fang work consists of the gathering of London-based sculptor Jacob Epstein, who had Vorticist associations and was a longtime pal of Picasso and Matisse; the Ambete reliquary was once owned by the pioneering Paris vendor Charles Ratton and then by Pierre Matisse, a son of the artist.

Lichtenstein’s Pop icon is at once a coolly ironic deconstruction of pulp melodrama and a formally dynamic—even transferring—composition, thanks largely to the interplay of the subject’s hair (swept into an ideal Mad Men-period coif) and the waves (which appear to have wandered in from a Hokusai print) threatening her.