Hippie Clothing is Always in Style

Fashion is continually evolving, but one iconic style still stands out today. Hippie clothing remains a favorite trend that keeps reinventing itself into newer options that retain the classic look that originally made it famous. While it began as a way to snub the establishment and show support for world peace, the comfortable look and feel of the hippie style quickly became a symbol of self-expression that caught the eye of everyone, and it still does today.


Young and old alike seem to gravitate to this comfortable style. In its earliest days, hippie attire was a mixture of loose-fitting clothing made from natural fabrics, such as cotton and hemp. Bell bottoms, peasant blouses, short halter tops, and all types of denim were often embellished with patches that included peace signs and flowers.

Design Standouts

Hippie clothes were designed for comfort. The beauty found in nature has been the inspiration for the vivid colors, prints, and fabric choices. All-natural fabrics and carefree designs encourage self-expression, and they have been key to the appeal that the hippie look has on both men and women.

Early Styles

In the 1960s hemlines drastically changed, and the miniskirt became the style of choice for young ladies, especially when paired with knee-high boots. On the other extreme, loose and flowing maxi-length peasant dresses offered another free-spirit look when paired with flowers and ribbons in the hair. The colors were bold, and the use of flowers in everything soon inspired the nickname “flower power,” which became the hippie slogan for peace and love.


The hippie look has been making a comeback, although it never totally went out of fashion. Long wrap patchwork skirts, wide leg pants in fun prints, and tie-dye tees for men and women are reappearing in today’s market. The familiar lively colors, patchwork plaids, stripes, paisley prints, tie-dye, and psychedelic designs have brought the iconic look back to life in today’s modern interpretations.

While fashion keeps changing, only a few styles stand the test of time. The hippie trend is one of those. Its mass appeal and comfortable clothing options transform the wearer to a place where only love and feeling carefree matters.