Inside African Artwork

Works by African artists attracted bids of over $500,000 during the first dedicated auction of African artwork by London’s word-well-known Sotheby’s final month. One sort of masks, referred to as sirige, has a tall, flat projection above the face (a characteristic discovered additionally within the masks of the neighbouring Mossi and Bobo ), which is claimed to signify a multistory house. Most African masks are made with wood, and might be adorned with: Ivory , animal hair, plant fibers (akin to raffia), pigments (like kaolin ), stones, and semi-valuable gems are also included in the masks.

The Yale College Artwork Gallery’s collection of artwork from Africa south of the Sahara began with items of several textiles in 1937 and now consists of some 2,000 objects in wooden, metal, ivory, ceramic, and other materials. East Africans are recognized for Tinga Tinga work and Makonde sculptures.

Distinct from the static form of traditional Western sculpture African artwork displays animation, a readiness to maneuver. The Baoulé , the Senoufo and the Dan peoples are skilled at carving wooden and every tradition produces wooden masks in wide variety. Brooklyn Museum, New York, Museum Expedition 1922, Robert B. Woodward Memorial Fund, 22.486.

In his time, Simpasa was an internationally renowned artist, and sculpture and drawing have been his favourite media, nevertheless it has been reported that art was so deeply ingrained in him that he painted and created music as well. Typical of Fang work are bieri , boxes containing the skulls and bones of deceased ancestors and carved with figures supposed to characterize their protective influence.

In West Africa, the earliest identified sculptures are from the Nok culture which thrived between 500 BC and 500 AD in modern Nigeria , with clay figures usually with elongated our bodies and angular shapes. Picket figures are carved for ancestors of each sexes, various from less than 1 to more than 5 toes (lower than 30 to greater than a hundred and fifty cm) in peak.