Why The Korean Comfort Women Agreement Is Such a Big Step Forward

Fortunately, the agreement between Japan and South Korea on the issue of the comfort women has improved relations between the two countries. However, certain issues still need to be addressed. The agreement seems to have been stalled. More work will be needed to help move the agreement forward so that it gets put in place in its entirety.

Comfort Women

It is clear that both sides want to resolve this issue as soon as possible. President Abe and the President of South Korea reached an agreement on the issue. Both wanted to improve relations between the two countries. The President of South Korea made it clear that this agreement would need to be reached if an improvement of relations were to occur.

The Japanese government admitted to the involvement of Japanese soldiers in the abuse of Korean comfort women. Many Korean comfort women have come forth with testimonies. These comfort women testimonies recall their experience during the second world war, when they were used as comfort women by Japanese soldiers. President Abe released a long statement saying that he and the members of the Japanese government were extremely sorry for whatever happened to the Korean comfort women and that they will do whatever they can to help out women who have been hurt.

In fact, as part of the agreement, the Japanese government promised to give one billion yen for a foundation that the South Korean government will set up that will help support the comfort women who are still alive.

As part of the agreement, both countries agreed that they will no longer criticize each other about the issue. They will no longer speak about the issue in a critical way before bodies such as the United Nations. In addition, both countries agreed that the decision is final and that it can not be revised, as long as Japan keeps to their side of the agreement, which is to provide the money and issue an apology. In addition, there will be a statue in front of the Japanese embassy in South Korea in memory and in commemoration of the comfort women.

It is clear that this is a step forward for both countries. In the past, leaders of the Japanese government said that the validity of the comfort women’s claims were to be doubted. They said statements to the effect that the clams were something of the past and that we need to move on from them, and that the Japanese soldiers are not at fault and are not guilty. Therefore, this statement from President Abe that he takes responsibility is a huge step forward. It is also a huge step forward on the side of South Korea. Previous South Korea government officials were not willing to come to any agreement and did not want to improve relations between the two countries. Many people who live in South Korea still feel that way and are not ready to compromise in any way and are not ready to finally put the issue behind them at any price. Therefore, the President of South Korea is certainly brave to be able to move forward with this, simply because it is the right thing to do. Actually, people are divided about the agreement in both countries, though more Japanese people seem to approve of the agreement. However, because there is opposition in both countries, it really is crucial that the two countries finally move forward with this agreement so that it does not continue to be an issue that polarizes the people of both countries and pushes the two countries apart.