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Ways of Preparing For the First Super Sprint Triathlon.

Many athletes start with the super sprint triathlon. Beginners find it a favorite choice due to the swim distances, the bike, and the run. This article highlights five tips that can help you in doing your best the next race.

Get your swim strategy planned.
For any competitor, the swim might be chaotic and stressful. Do swi8mming exercises as a group. Before getting in water, make sure that your swimming goggles are in place and are tight. You do not have to adjust them when you are already in water with a large group. Distance yourself from other swimmers if you are racing in open water. When you do this, you will have sufficient space for getting your bearings and keeping you away from accidental injuries such as being hit accidentally by other divers. Lift your head many times from water so that you can know the place you are at in water and compare yourself with other divers.

Stay hydrated.
Athletes ought to stay hydrated. You should take water frequently. This includes even the transition from swimming to taking the bike, and from the bike to running. You also should take advantage of all the hydration centers located in all the placers throughout the race.

Allow yourself to transition.
If you start panicking from the swimming to bike and bike to run transition, you might end up not achieving the desired results. If wrongly done, this can result in injuries. Once you are done swimming, try kicking your legs hard to get blood flowing in them. This can help you through the bike race and running phase. There is also need for you to give yourself enough time for adjusting to new movements. You should practice the transitions during training.

Fight mental obstacles.
A big part of toughness in this type of race is in the mind. Having the ability to keep pushing yourself even when your legs are tired is essential in the success of this race. You can try doing anything that will work on you such as practicing on visualization, and repeating thought calming exercises.

Take the right supplements.
Apart from eating several hours to the race, there are some supplements that help you in training for the race. You can have some gels to take a right after the swim and the bike so that you can have instant energy. Take a sports drink before taking a run. Now when training, there are numerous supplements that can increase the endurance of an athlete. It is also crucial for you to research on the most suitable supplements for you.