Looking On The Bright Side of Parenting

Different Methods To Keep Your Teenagers Filled With Joy

Having your family in your house is usually a really good thing most especially during holidays. Nevertheless, I always have a disturbing thought at the back of my mind. What do I have to do to keep everyone having a good time and escape boredom? Sometime back when the kids were younger, this task was very simple. I used to have a lot of fun with my kids for example doing craft together which was really entertaining.If this did not work, it was very simple to rent out a Disney film or buy them Nickis moncler jacket kids . It is now really difficult because my kids are now all grown up and they are teenagers and I need to really switch things up in order to entertain them. They are not fond of the art and craft activities with their aunty any longer. It has come to my attention that you can finally find some activities that you can do together in order to have so much fun.Below are some of the thing I do with them indoor to stay cool.

Create some sense of competition among them. Teenagers are very easily bored but it is part of humanity to want to win. Come up with different ways to create some activities that will spark some kind of competition. Come up with goals to achieve so that you find out who won. Such things like who is the funniest or who can ride the bike better or maybe who can cook the best food. It is important to give the winner something like a present from Nickis in order for the others to feel challenged and have interest in spending more times together.

When I was growing up family projects were something to look forward to. Invent a project that the whole family can do together. You will find that activities such as fixing the garden or even painting will be so enjoyable because a lot of family members can participate in them. Asking the kids what they feel is fun for them can be also a good idea as all of the other family members can also choose to do them.Participating in projects that the children will remember is important as they will have fun and it will be a lifetime mark on them.

Food has an ability to help people bond. Teenagers love food just like kids and they will be very excited about the idea. It can be a very good idea if you involve them in activities that involves food. You can always smash potatoes and then throw the mashed potatoes on each other and you will see how it will light the room up. Eating candies with fork and a knife can be really tough on someone and you can always make it a competitive activity on each other on who can use them the longest.