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6 Doggie Diseases To Watch Out For.

Pets are vulnerable to diseases the same way that people do. There are so many diseases which can affect your pet. It is, therefore, crucial for you to be familiarized with any symptoms which can indicate that your dog is not feeling well. It is wise for you to have a licensed vet for your dog but if you have never thought of this, then it is high time you do.

There is a chance that your dog fall ill because of Addison’s disease. Whenever the adrenal glands produce low or excessive hormones; the dog may suffer from Addison’s disease. Not so many pets suffer from this disease. However, any dog that suffers from this illness should be treated so quickly to avoid serious problems. Signs which are related to the Addison’s disease and requires immediate treatment, include, shaking, depression, weakness and passing stool which contains blood.

Your dog is also at higher risk of suffering from gum disease. VetIQ dog dental treat is the best for cleaning your dog’s teeth. Note that you should consider making it a habit for your dog to brush teeth. Any lucky teeth cleaning exercise has to be cultivated into the dog’s behavior during the early development stages.

Plagues and decays substances are easily removed from the dog’s teeth by use of the VetIQ dog dental treats. Dental sticks such as VetIQ dog dental treats are excellent in giving your dog a special dental treat. The oral hygiene of your dog should be given the priority and that is why you should use the VetIQ dog dental treat to brush its teeth. If you have used the VetIQ dog dental treat, but your dog still has bad breath, then you should consider taking it to a vet. You can’t doubt it’s effectiveness.

The disease is one that can affect your dog as a result of tick manifestation. Some of the symptoms of Lyme disease include stiff walk, lack of appetite, fever, breathing problems among others. There are times when your dog could be suffering as a result of tick infestation although they may not have any symtoms. Due to this reason, ensure that you regularly confirm whether the dog is suffering from ticks or not by having a look at their skin.

Your pet is also susceptible to arthritis. A the dog which finds it challenging to step could be suffering from arthritis. Dogs which produce excess cortisol hormones are exposed to Cushing’s disease too. It is hard to point out the dog is suffering from cashing’s disease because the disease has a lot of signs and symptoms. Ensure that you always contact the vet to attend to your dog as soon as you realize that there is a health problem.