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Raising a Responsible Child Who Eventually Becomes a Responsible Adult

Every parent wants to raise a child who transforms into a responsible adult. The same parents who are desiring to raise responsible kids might fail to do so if they are not careful. Many kids these days live a life of entitlement and very little in terms of duties is required of them at home.

Giving tasks to your children could be one way of ensuring you are instilling responsibility in them. One of the reasons some parents don’t want to delegate duties to their kids is because they can’t cope with the learning sped of their kids or they want it to be done in a specific way hence end up performing the tasks without involving their kid. The tendency to accept half-hearted efforts should not be tolerated since your child might get used to it and that is not responsibility. It’s not always that you should solve your kid’s problems, give them some freedom to try and solve it. Simple tasks like turning off the lights while leaving a room or even placing something back to its position are simple task that in the long-run could teach them a lot.

Just like in other goals, planning on how to do your job as a parent cannot be underestimated. Communication is an important skill and teaching your kids would be more effective if you would practice it with them. To engage them in problem solving especially in their own messes, try to hear their possible solutions instead of always imposing your ideas on them. Most parents will force apologies for a mistake done but that doesn’t imply the child will mean it hence being careful on how you teach your child is vital. Ensure you don’t utter the word irresponsible to your children even at disappointing moments as they might take it on. An aspect of responsibility is keeping time and commitments which you can instill in your children by teaching them to write a schedule.

Teach them to own up their mistakes instead of playing the blame game at home. Without honesty it’s hard to be trusted and therefore children should be taught honesty and it importance as part of interactions with others. Your actions should communicate unconditional love to your children as this will give them courage to even take risks and make mistakes knowing you got their back. With cases of self esteem issues, it’s important to ensure your child knows how to deal with self issues as it’s part of self responsibility.