The Reverential International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference IPPC 2017

The up-and-coming International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference for 2017 is a holy congregation assembly of Christian leaders and capital partners in the kingdom of God with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the helm. Every year the conference is held in November to bring together world evangelists and assembly men who have participated in the spreading of the Lord’s gospel through the BLW Nation Ministry. It’s a jubilee festival meant to encourage, inspire, train and promote the people of God for the coming 2018 New Year with prophesy and the word of God. The Believers’ Love World NDU Group is composed of young believers that are filled with the Holy Spirit and touching the world with God’s divine presence, miracles and healings. The gathering is a week-long conference beginning on November thirteenth and ending on November nineteenth 2017.


It’s an exciting atmosphere that occurs every year at these particular events and many attendants are looking forward to an incredible move of God among the atmosphere for this noteworthy International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference. The assembly will be held at the Love World Convocation stadium grounds located in Lagos, Nigeria. There will also be a tremendous worldwide online following of the gathering as Christians tune in to see many wonderful things of God and hear prophecy for the coming year two months before it is to arrive. It is particularly purposed by Pastor Chris to inspire Christians to get involved more in the church and God’s affairs and as a result of this, the Pastor will bless the congregation and those watching for many great accomplishments and victories for 2018. There will also be many prestigious honors and awards offered for remarkable work performed in the kingdom of God of many benefactors within the ministry.

Chris Oyakhilome is renowned among his constituents and alike for his many contributions to the ministry of Jesus Christ. One of these is the Rhapsody of Realities Daily Devotional which helps thousands of Christians prepare for each day with motivational teachings and scripture. The program has positively impacted so many lives that people additionally refer to it as the “Messenger Angel.” The inspiring Bible-study devotional book has had more than $300 million manuscripts dispersed to approximately two hundred and forty two countries. The Bible daily devotional has been so popular that even far away countries have requested issues in their language. As a result of the donations from the Rhapsody of Realities Partnership program, the best-selling devotional has been translated into over a whopping eight hundred and thirsty seven different languages around the world. Some of these various languages include English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Finnish, Mandarin and Dutch. The translation process is on-going and as soon as another new language is successfully completed, it gets distributed to that country.

Another incredible contribution the Lord has given his people is through Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Healing School which ushers the healing hand of God to all people who attend and are suffering from any disease or malady. The meetings are held in two locations in Canada and South Africa on an annual basis and thousands flock to the event. The meetings are also highly televised for the opportunity for countless people to not only witness miracles but experience their own through faith and intercessory prayer. The Healing School website is a wealth of informative information and even includes documented healings and testimonials. Pastor Chris has been an amazing conduit in bringing people into the presence of the Lord and the coming 2017 Pastors and Partners Conference will be a spectacular to behold.