Starting a Laundry Business Without Capital

Laundry business there is no death, we can see on the roadside many who opened laundry service kilogram. Although the laundry service is quite a lot, you can still take the opportunity to start a laundry business as well. Washing and ironing service is really needed because many people who are now busy with their own work so they do not have time to wash clothes and ironing. Very tired when coming home office still see a pile of laundry and iron mountains. This is the time for you to take business opportunities even without capital. You can follow these tips:

1Look around you, whether there is a lot of laundry available or not. If the laundry is quite far from your place, then you can use your own home as a place for a laundry. You simply provide laundry signs, receipts / notes and also a laundry weighing clothes laundry. Curious? Read more more details.

  1. You need to know the location of the laundry is about the most skewed price and easy place you travel. Ask for a phone number and build cooperation with him for example you can be an agent or a broker.
  2. id of laundry. You are cooperating with the laundry owner as his laundry agent. So with a profit-sharing system, but all tools and supplies are provided by the laundries. For example with a 70: 30 profit share, you get a 30% profit. This is quite profitable because the washing machine, detergent, iron has been provided by the party you just provide electricity and just place to stay. If you feel unable to wash and iron every day, then I suggest to invite your colleagues / neighbors who do not have a job to help your laundry business. Basically laundry business does not require special ability to wash and ironing
  3. Building Laundry. This laundry business by putting a sign on the front of your house with the name of laundry you want. You just write down how many kilos of laundry, what day can be taken, and then the price of laundry services. Then to wash and iron what if you do not have the tools? Just bring your laundry to your laundry. Do not forget to take advantage when someone is cleaning clothes in your place.
  4. All businesses definitely have their own risks, as well as laundry business The most likely risk is, broken clothes, clothes, or clothes lost. If you build this washing business with an agent system, then you have to bear that risk. However, if you set up a business with a broker system, the risk is borne by the laundry service provider. With this broker system, you must make a special deal with the laundry so that if there are problems related to damage and loss can be directly taken care of and do not disappoint customers.

That was tips to build a laundry business without capital, you can practice it at home as your side job. This work is highly recommended for housewives and college students to earn additional pocket money. Hopefully this article useful and provide ideas and inspiration for your business opportunity.