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How To Jump Start A Car The knowledge of jump starting a car should be known by everyone since in any car the battery can be dead anytime. The process of jump starting a car is very easy, but if you do not know how to do it, you are advised to look for a professional who will help you because it can sometimes be risky. Jumper cables are the main equipment that you should have when you are ready to jump start your car. Tips below are to help in the safest ways on how to jump start your car. The location of the battery of your car must be known by you or if you are not that sure, always check the owner’s manual of your car. The position of the car providing the jump and your car should be in a correct position. If the car providing the jump is in a wrong position you might suffer the problem of the jumper cable not reaching your car battery so you should ensure that it is positioned well. Ensure that the jumper cables reach both the car’s battery by placing the cars so closely. The hoods of the two cars should remain opened and also the car giving the jump must remain shut off. On end of the jumper cables must be clamped onto the battery of the car providing the jump. There are two clamps of a jumper cable; one part is ideated red to stand for positive and black to stand for negative. The red clamp should be connected to the red terminal of the battery and then the black clamp to the negative terminal of the battery. Do all this process of connecting the clamps per color in the both cars and ensure that the different clamps do not touch each other unless it can cause a bad electrical spark.
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The connection of the black clamp to the engine, reduces the spark produces around the battery. After all these procedures, you can now start the engine of the car giving you the jump and leave it to run for about ten minutes to help in the charging the dead battery. Try starting your car, that is you have to turn the key to your car in your ignition just to observe if your car will start.
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After observing that your car can now start, remove the black clamp and then followed by the red clamp. The last one, you should give your car to a mechanic after jump starting it to ensure that there is no additional problem engage in your car.