The Africa Heart

Works by African artists attracted bids of over $500,000 during the first devoted public sale of African art by London’s word-well-known Sotheby’s final month. They’re notable as centres of the fabric trade and for their structure (see African structure ). Moreover, of their instant neighborhood many sculptures in pottery of uncertain age have been discovered. Throughout the 1970s a group of roughly twenty figures, masks and TjiWara headdresses belonging to the so-referred to as ‘Segou fashion’ have been identified.

One of the works on view in the reinstalled gallery is a miniature bocio determine. Figures are made to house the spirits of deceased members of the family and are positioned in household shrines, and masks are used to drive away the spirits of the deceased on the finish of the mourning interval.

Yale University Artwork Gallery, Charles B. Benenson, B.A. 1933, Assortment. The elo mask has a human face with a motif (sometimes a human determine) rising above it, flanked with stylized horns. The Mande -speaking peoples of the identical area make items from wood with broad, flat surfaces and legs and arms formed like cylinders.

Lega carved ivory determine, Zaire; within the Carlo Monzino Assortment. The 2 figures were surrounded by Guannyeni attendant figures standing or seated in various positions, holding a vessel, or a musical instrument, or their breasts. A Bamileke elephant mask from Cameroon and Kurumba antelope headdress from Burkina Faso strengthen our assortment of artwork from masked performances.

During the Seventies, numerous fakes from Bamako which have been primarily based on these sculptures entered the market. Gilbert G. Groud criticizes the ancient beliefs in black magic , as held with the non secular masks mentioned above, in his illustrated guide Magie Noire.