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The Big Black Holes to Avoid when Writing a Business Plan. Have you experienced this? Sometimes after having received a proposal to work on, some of us spent most of our time worrying whether it shall be accepted or not. Then comes the silence that does not end but it seems to continue forever. This article aims at discussing the big holes when it comes to writing a business proposal.No one really wants to spend their time on proposals that may not take them anywhere. Pre-writing stage The good news is that your competition most likely skips the Pre-Proposal Stage. However, the bad news may be that you may also be tempted to skip it too. It is important that following receipt of the business proposal request, you should not rush into writing it first. One should first have a discussion with the one who awarded you the project in order to know what it may take to craft a winning proposal The questions below may help you know the kind of information you may need to know. The kind of the results expected from the project.
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Setting a date and time with the prospect to walk them through the completed proposal to discuss the next steps. This presents the most successful way to provide a proposal. Walking the client through the proposal on a face to face basis ensures that you are in control of the conversation. The prospect may insist on first receiving the proposal, and then set a date of delivering the project and then later is when a date and time could be set to answer any questions and discuss next steps. Proposal Structure An excellent proposal deliberately and strategically leads the prospect to a “Yes” answer. If your proposals do not get a “yes” as often here are some ideas for you. it would be essential to first to understand their targets intellectually. Remember, that the most important factor in any sales equation is the decision maker. Second, it ‘s nice to pre-think any objections that your prospect might have and answer them within the proposal. The proposal should meet the following components In the beginning of the proposal, state everything that your prospect told you was important and any other thing that the other decision makers could consider to be important to them. When writing the options, you should make sure that they are thought out and the first one should be that provided by the client. After the first choice, the following option should aim at building up the first choice. One should ensure that the following steps are clearly outlined for the prospects. Be sure to include the time and date which you had earlier set with the prospect to meet.