The Art of Mastering Entertainment

The Relationship Between Music and Memories

We all respond differently to the songs we hear on the radio or when we are out socializing with friends. The brain can memorize the catchy tunes making it impossible for us to forget them. Various psychologists explain how this happens and why we can still sing your favourite tunes after many years.

The Role of Music in Our Daily Lives
Three psychologists conducted the test to find out more about the relationship between the brain and the songs that play in our heads in recent years. The psychologists Hennis, Schulkind and Rubin found out that the songs evoked certain memories for the participants. It is good to have a catchy tune which will take you back to a particular situation. Every music sends out a specific message and people describe music as time travel where you do not forget all you have gone through.

When we hear our favourite songs an influx of neurochemicals which consist of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin are released in the brain that makes us feel nice. It is important to know that the neurological development normally occurs during the early stages of childhood. The songs will always take us back to when we were younger or when we achieved certain goals in life and made us happy about ourselves. There are various songs that you can play from the past, and you get to enjoy them all the time.

Vinyl records have risen due digitalizing their musk bringing in new and fresh music. The artists can now make their music through various channels like the radio and other streaming services which are more beneficial. You can appreciate the songs you love by buying the album of your favourite artist from the long ages. But you can also do this through your clothing by just simply wearing clothes that remind the world of legendary artists like the jimi hendrix t shirt. he was loved with his fans, and they could connect with the type of music he was producing. There are T-Shirts of Jimi Hendrix that have his image, and his name are written in bold letters.

You can get these t-shirts online at good prices. The gap between feeling nostalgic about a song and hearing it is believed to have compressed due to the changes in the way we listen to that song.

The music can still affect us even when we are old plus we still remember the lines that were used. The music how we interpret the songwe listen to during our youths will always have some great connections with us, but as we grow to our adulthood, the connection will be stronger.