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Downloadable Instructions in Cigar Rolling

One of the greatest hobby that people are fond to is smoking cigars. As a matter of fact people’s fondness in cigars is manifested thru their growing interest in rolling cigars. The skill of rolling cigars is often part of being a cigar enthusiast especially those who have their own cigar store or just fascinated in making their own cigar.

Worry not if you are just some person who wants to learn how to roll a cigar for this article will definitely teach you the ins and outs in rolling cigar.

You might think that rolling cigars is just a piece of cake but the truth is there is a complexity in doing the task perfectly. When it comes to handling the tobacco leaf you need to be careful more so in rolling and packing of cigar papers too.

For those who want to do it like a pro must first learn the basics in doing so. Here are some downloadable instructions that you can follow in order to roll cigars like a pro.

Separate the Leaves from the Fillers, Wrappers and Binders
The tobacco leaves has a different purposes hence you have to make sure they are separated from the others. You have to make sure that the leaves are separated from the binders, wrappers and fillers. It is vital that the best tobacco will be used for the wrappers.

There are two distinct types of tobacco uses for the filler tobacco. For those who only have one type of tobacco then that will be okay to use as the filler.

For those who are looking for the best types of leaves then they can use a reliable source like the Eurobacco.

Drenched the Leaves
If one will not slightly drenched the leaves then the tobacco might be stale. Prior start rolling the cigar paper you have to see to it that the leaves are moist. As for the amount of water that must be used it should be minimal.

It would be best to use spray bottle just to moisten it without making it too wet.

Just leave the spray the bottle out so that if the leaves become dry you can spray it on them without any hassle.

Take Away the Stems
Remove the stems that is the next step that you must follow.

You need to begin the separation of the leaf from the bottom portion of the stem towards the middle vein. You must also do the same for the other half of the leaf. This should give you two halves of the leaf and one stem.

In getting rid of the stems from the binder and wrapper leaves you have to make sure the leaves are smooth. See to it that the leaves are moist too.