This is the Reason Karroo Tribe in Africa is Obliged to Make Tattoo in Body

In ancient times, certain peoples or tribes used their bodies as canvas, to express and display their cultural identity, as a tradition, a ritual, and some of them considered it a talisman.

The use of the body as a medium of this canvas is known as tattoo art. Tattoo is a very famous art drawing body around the world. Never before, that the art of tattoo is already there since the first. Only the naming and manufacturing process are different from those in the past. The difference lies in the use of the tool and the purpose of its manufacture.

In the past, the tool used to make tattoo is still very simple and ancient, because it still uses tools that are perfunctory. Tattoo is made only by using a knife or broken glass. Although it sounds frightening, but in Africa, this body tattoo activity is considered as something sacred. Especially among women, the tattoo produced from these scars is considered as something that will make their appearance more attractive.

In Africa, a tribe called Karo named this tradition as scarification. This scarification is a stroke or incision that is formed by using a knife, with the aim to attract the attention of men in the tribe. After they suffer torture from the incisions on their bodies, they will be allowed to marry and have children. All these scars look very unique and different, like a work of art on the skin.

Unlike the case with women, scratches done on the body among men in this tribe, aiming to show its success in war. Scratches are made by sculpting the body using sharp objects such as knives or broken glass. After that, they apply a mixture of some kind of plants and other materials that are dark, like charcoal or gunpowder onto the cuts, so that scarification is formed.

Scarification is considered a ritual by Karo tribes in Africa. This is based on several reasons, including:

Reasons for Beauty or to beautify yourself

The scars produced through this scarification process are believed to beautify the bodies of the women in this tribe. The process or ritual of beauty through this scarification begins in childhood, especially for young girls in Africa. This scarification is done to celebrate puberty, first menstrual cycle and so on, in this tribal daughter. Although this scarification has another purpose, most sources say that the reason for beauty is the ultimate goal.

Symbol of Strength and Courage

Scarification is also viewed as a test of courage. The process of making this scarification is quite painful, and requires great personal power to pass the procedure without crying in pain. If you cannot do it, it will only embarrass yourself. The number of cuts or incisions generated will show how much strength the person has, especially the strength while holding back pain during the making. The more scars, the more honorable the person will be in society.

For Fertility

Abdominal scarification is the most important for young women at the age of marriage ready in the Karo tribe. This scar is considered an indication of women’s willingness to bear children. According to African culture, this is regarded as a very desirable situation for those who want to be a wife. This scarification can also raise sexual hormones, which is believed to make women more likely to receive sexual attention from their husbands.

Being Family Pride

This scarification is also regarded as a sign of pride for the family. The ability of one family member to survive a beating ritual that will eventually leave a scar and bleed on their back is considered or seen as a manifestation of love and respect for you. And if this ritual is performed on children, and the child can bear the ritual without showing their pain by crying, it will be an honor for the whole family.

Protection from Death

Spirituality plays an important role in this one African culture. Africans believe in the presence of spirits around them, good and evil. In addition to aims to beautify themselves, Scarification on the face is sometimes used to make a person’s passion for life and not afraid of death.

Scarification as Ancient Art

According to the history of Scarification in Africa, scars can be created in various ways, depending on their purpose. Several wounds were made using knives, while others were created by pulling the skin using fish hooks and slicing the meat with a sharp knife.

After injury, they will rub the wound with ash or other objects to make the wound swell and leave a heavier scar. The recovery process will take a considerable amount of time and will leave a more distinctive trace, once it has begun to heal.

Modern Scarification

This scarification is indeed an ancient art, but that does not mean it has faded or disappeared now. Although the scarification is practiced only by a small number of people or tribes on the African continent, but many Europeans and North and South Americans are adopting this art.

For some people, this scarification may be heard, and it looks like something very horrible. However, for the Karo tribe in Africa, scarification is something sacred and very important to do. Wow, great guys too these guys. They can withstand pain during this process of scarification. But fortunately this ritual is not done by all people in the world. If not, well do not imagine what will happen.