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Tips to Promote Healthy Food Choices in the Workplace

It is really a great thing that you are going to invest in the health of the workers. Know that healthy employees are able to miss fewer days from work and they are also more productive in doing their job. You should keep in mind that corporate wellness programs are what you should keep in mind and these will help educate as well as motivate the workers to make those healthier options and screening could help in identifying such health issues that could reduce the productivity and lead to such missed days from work.

Being an employer, you may help encourage healthier food choices for the employees through following such suggestions or recommendations on dietary guidelines for Americans. Here are a few of the recommendations about how you can promote healthier food choices in the workplace and use such newly released guidelines to help ensure that the changes could make such impact.

One thing that you can do is to offer menu and calorie labeling in your cafeteria. There must be signs that identify and promote the healthy options. You must understand that the dietary guidelines suggest the limitation of sodium to 2300 mg each day. When you have a cafeteria manager, you may actually schedule a meeting with him or her and talk about how the cafeteria offerings would promote such healthier choices which are within in the guidelines.

It is also a great thing that you evaluate the vending machines. There are various vending machines that are being stored with convenience snack foods that are actually high in sodium as well as sugar. However, some of the vending companies start to provide more healthy options and also less calories snack foods. You must talk to the vendor about the products with such fewer calories, less added sugar as well as less sodium. Also, it is quite important that trans fats are also avoided. These are actually shown in several convenience snack foods that are often found in the vending machines. Ensure that you include healthy vending options which are free from trans fats.

It is certainly a nice thing that you reward the employees with doughnuts on the early morning meeting but this could make choosing healthy food hard for the workers. It is a better idea that you don’t tempt the workers through offering such unhealthy snacks and beverages during your meetings. You need to show them that you are supporting them in their effort in making healthy choices by bringing fresh fruit tray with granola as well as yogurt.

Also, you must give the workers enough time to eat and they must be permitted to eat elsewhere than the desk. So many workers are skipping meals at the workplace or they would eat at the desk. These could actually lead to such unhealthy food choices.