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Knowing The Advantages of Adopting and Buying a Dog

Getting a dog is not always a walk in the park as it entails certain responsibilities. The first thing to understand is that you cannot expect your pet to simply fend for itself after you have purchased or adopted it. There is a need to step up and look after their welfare.

There are two common ways of acquiring a pet dog: purchase one or adopt from your local shelter. When you know how these two processes differ, you gain a better understanding of how you are able to touch the lives of these animals.

Consider the pointers below before you adopt or purchase a new pet.


Between adopting and buying, the latter is always deemed as the most expensive choice and this is strongly dependent on the type of dog you are buying. Checking your local pet shop or talking to a local dog breeder will help you learn more about the different prices of dogs.

Adopting a dog would always be the cheaper choice. If you get the pet from your local shelter then you are more likely to spend less as you no longer have to worry about shipping your pet from another location.

Save a Life

Of the two, adoption is always the best choice if you intend to provide an animal a better life. Most dogs in the shelters are those animals that have been abandoned while they were still young or they come from abusive owners. You can make a difference to the lives of these animals and bring them happiness when you adopt them.

The Humane Society, a global organization strongly discourages animal lovers to purchase pets from those puppy mills. Most breeders are only looking after the profit they get from the sale of their pups. You can check the website of the organization to learn more about their advocacy as animal lovers.


If you want to get trained dogs, you always have a good shot at adoption. These dogs have received basic training and you can learn more about their education when you pay your animal shelter a visit. When you buy a new dog, you don’t get to expect that they are already trained. You have to spend hundreds of dollars to get your dog trained not to chew on your things.

Most dogs waiting for adoption in a shelter are already given training on simple commands. This means that you no longer have to worry about your pet chewing on your shoes as they are already trained not to.


When getting a new dog, you always consider the breed. Nobody would want to get a pet dog that is known for having a vicious breed. If you are to adopt a dog, you are likely to be limited in terms of breed compared to buying a dog where you can get the exact type you want.