Pastor Chris and the Divorce Claims

Meet Pastor Chris

Chris Oyakhilome, better known as Pastor Chris, is one of the most popular pastors around the world. He has been serving people for over 30 years and currently works as the President of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. or the Christ Embassy. Oyakhilome was born in 1963 in Nigeria and he holds honorary degrees from Ambrose Alli Univesity as well as the Benson Idahosa University. One of the things that Pastor Chris is well-known for is the healing school he runs that holds sessions in both Africa and Canada. Other notable endeavors include forming his own social media called “Yookos” where millions of people follow him.

Divorce Saga

Pastor Chris made some headlines after his wife filed for divorce. He has been married to Anita Ebhodaghe since 1991 and their marriage resulted in two children. After 20 years of being together, his wife decided to end their unity claiming that “adultery” and “unreasonable behavior” stand as the main reasons for such a course of action. Pastor Chris took around a week to respond to the claims that started creating a lot of drama with the local media covering the divorce.

The entire issue, from the perspective of Pastor Chris, is based on claims that are nothing but crazy and stupid. One issue for him comes the nature of a divorce and its contradictory principles to his religion. Nevertheless, Oyakhilome believes that he can take steps towards getting a divorce if his wife keeps requesting it. It will not be the right thing to do for a Christian who represents himself as a man of God, yet it is something that can be done.

Disputing the Media

Since Pastor Chris holds a multi-national fame due to many notable things he accomplished in his life, the news of his divorce was present in almost every local newspaper. After looking into most of them, he pointed to those sources from Nigeria and South Africa which have been writing things that hold very little truth. Some of these outlets went as far as to ask people who go to his church to look over his wife’s activities. Oyakhilome compares his situation that has many false allegations to the fact that Jesus Chris was also falsely accused by many.

Man of God

Although he enjoys his duties as a pastor, Chris Oyakhilome is a primarily a Man of God. He does not place anything else ahead of this duty, which is to follow all the directions that God shows him. This is why he advises people not to focus on the entire divorce issue prematurely, as the truth will reveal itself in the end.

His platform has, however, taken steps to remove all the pictures related to his wife as well as any information that showcase her presence in the life of Oyakhilome. As far as the issue of the press, Pastor Chris has indicated that he might go as far as suing certain reporters.

Coming Up

Pastor Chris continues to spread his gospel through a wide variety of events that his church organizes. He is currently preparing a service for Christmas and new year’s eve as well as a global communication service that will occur early in the next year. In the meantime, he remains active on his website with knowledgeable articles, posts, and interviews. Some of the latest ones include advice on how to police one’s mind and what is the role of parents when it comes to one’s own marriage. Regardless of the divorce, Pastor Chris remains the positive force for millions of people around the world.