Arsitektur trendy itu timbul karena adanya kemajuan dalam bidang teknologi yang membuat manusia cenderung untuk sesuatu yang ekonomis, mudah dan bagus. No fewer than one hundred thirty work by Monet, Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin and Derain, amongst many others, from the collection of the renowned Russian cultural figure Sergei Shchukin will hold on the walls of this museum by Frank Gehry (itself designed like a constructing painted by Picasso).

Some institutions, like MoMA, have endeavoured to engage with this challenge by imagining the gathering as metabolic” (to use Barr’s phrase) and always evolving, nevertheless it has proved problematic, and at times contentious , to shed artistic endeavors that have become recognized masterpieces in favour of the new and never yet totally appreciated.

It’s a very shrewd and cynical technique,” he explains, as a result of it showed that you would do no matter you favored in America.” By the ‘50s, Abstract Expressionism was certain up with the concept of particular person freedom: its canvases had been understood as expressions of the subjective inside lives of the artists who painted them.

Encompassing over 12,500 works made since 1900, the museum’s collection includes works by such artistic luminaries as Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Henri Matisse, and Georgia ‘Keeffe, as well as 33 paintings, drawings, and collages by the acclaimed abstract-expressionist Robert Motherwell.

He continued to make major work, sculptures, and sketches of mask-confronted figures composed of fragmented geometric volumes throughout the Cubist period, including Bust of a Man ( 1996.403.5 ), from 1908, Girl’s Head ( 1996.403.6 ), from 1909, and the 1909-10 Lady in an Armchair ( 1997.149.7 ).